Ricky Simons

Staff Accountant

What I do:
Each day is a little different than the last, especially since there are so many services that we provide to clients, but typically you can find me auditing a company or asking for help.
How I do it:
I’m still learning how to do it every day. What I am learning to do, though, is develop an expectation for what I would expect to see when auditing a company’s financials and having an end goal in mind to keep my objective clear.
Why I do it:
This career gives me an opportunity to see the ins and outs of a business. I've been able to identify how a business is ran efficiently and the different ways people can make money. These insights are extremely valuable in helping me succeed and obtain my future goals in life.
My life outside of vT accounting:
I love sports. Whether it is watching or playing, sports are my passion. Whenever the weather here in Northern Nevada permits, you can find me playing the most frustrating game on Earth: golf. You may ask yourself, “Ricky if it’s so frustrating to play, then why do you always play it?” and the answer is because I love making myself suffer. Plus, John Daly is my hero. I also enjoy letting loose with Friday beers alongside my friends, and then spending Sunday with my family and dogs. I occasionally play the guitar and love spending time exploring Lake Tahoe.
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