About VT Accounting Associates

What Sets Us Apart?

We thrive in today’s business environment where tax and accounting issues have become more and more complex. Our strong team of professionals have a wide variety of business and accounting backgrounds. Our team works together, so that we can all prosper in the future.

A Commitment to Finding Unique Solutions

At VT Accounting Associates, LLP, we believe in reading between the numbers. We ask applicable questions to provide more effective answers to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Since 1958, the firm has offered a full range of management accounting services to individuals and businesses alike.

Redefine How You Understand Accounting

VT Accounting Associates is devoted to the quality of our work produced, the improvement of our professional skills, and the health of our community. You can rely on VT Accounting Associates, LLP to devote the highest level of professionalism and integrity to your financial needs. We perform at our highest level every time, whether we are merely adding a column of numbers on your behalf or overseeing your entire accounting function.

Highly Trained Professionals Ready to Make an Impact

VT Accounting Associates, LLP audit department provides insights to help you better manage and understand your business. We accomplish this by doing more than testing transactions and account balances. Our professionals gather information to fully understand your business, internal controls, and risks. Our partners and managers are on-site and provide our audit professionals with the training and industry insight they need to perform. Our paperless approach focuses on risks and internal controls allowing us to provide you with a cost-effective and efficient audit.

Our firm's partners are responsible for all accounts and take an active role in the ongoing services clients receive, so you are never left in the dark.

VT History

VT Accounting Associates LLP’s story begins in 1958 when Joseph Lauck started practicing accounting in Carson City, Nevada. Throughout the history of the firm, the partnership had various offices located in Carson City, NV, Minden, NV, Fallon, NV, Twin Falls, ID and South Lake Tahoe, CA. The firm continued to change hands under various names, Lauck and Chalk (1967), Chalk and Joerg (1969), Chalk and Lawley (1972), Joerg and Stoddard (1977), Stoddard, Freeman & Williams (1985), Freeman and Williams (1989), VT Williams & Associates (2012), VT Accounting Associates (2017).

While we’ve undergone a lot of various partners and changes in location, the one thing that has remained constant is our experience, reputation, and high-quality relationships with our clients.

Community Organizations

VT Accounting Associates takes pride in serving in our community which is why we play an integral role in making our area a better place to live. 
Our partners are either active or past Board Members of the following Community Organizations:
Ask us how we might be able to help your service organization.
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