Gurjant Mand

Staff Accountant

If I’m not at the desk, I’m usually outside
What I do:
I am new to the team, so I have mainly handled taxes in my time here, but now I am moving into the other services that we offer such as bookkeeping and audit. 

How I do it:
Whenever I come into the office, I always come in with the mentality of wanting to increase my knowledge of this field or wanting to improve the skills that I have already acquired. My unique approach is to accept any project in order to help increase my knowledge.
Why I do it:
I have always wanted to own a business, and I feel that a career in this field would give me great insight on one of the most complex, but essential, parts of owning a business.
My life outside of vT accounting:
I love being outside. Whether its traveling to different parts of the world, playing sports, going to the gym, going to the beach, or going out with my friends, I just want to be active and experience new things.
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