Rachel Fletcher

Senior Tax Manager, CPA

I love babies & squirrels & rabbits & foster kittens. Oh, and spreadsheets!
What I do:
NEVER the same thing!
How I do it:
I truly enjoy working with my clients. Every client has their own unique attitude towards taxes (although paying less is almost always the goal). Exploring each client’s needs and helping them to feel comfortable with their tax situation is my goal.
Why I do it:
I like working with people. Contrary to the stereotype, taxes involve a lot of personal interaction. It is also a very sensitive topic for a lot of people. To me, helping clients understand their taxes is fun. I also like to do one-on-one training with the newer members of the VTA team.
My life outside of vT accounting:
I love gardening with my husband Ray. We have an extensive vegetable garden in the spring, summer and fall. I spend a lot of my free time in the fall canning and freezing our harvest. I also like spending time with our family.
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