Sandy Wagner

Bookkeeper/Tax Preparer

A mom who loves to be the cheerleader at school sports events, and takes turns bottle feeding baby lambs born on our family farm
What I do:
Process payroll, file employment returns, data entry, bank reconciles, prepare financial statements, answer client questions on bookkeeping entries, prepare personal property tax reports, sales and use tax reports, and during tax season prepare entity and individual tax returns.
How I do it:
I love lists, you will always find a list on my desk.
Why I do it:
I love a clean set of books, where balances tie out to statements and you can clearly see the income, expenses, liabilities, and equity. I love to teach shortcuts in QuickBooks and watch the client take interest in booking entries correctly.
My life outside of vT accounting:
I enjoy attending my teenagers’ sports games, going on date night with my husband, and just hanging out with family. I also enjoy having family movie nights with my “church family” where we all bring something to share for our potluck and hang out. We are currently in the middle of completing the “Marvel Series”.
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