Sarah Coverley

Senior Manager – Estate and Trust Specialist, CPA

What I do:
I feel I have a successful day at work when I am able connect with my clients, helping them navigate the complication of the world of trust and estate taxation and administration. And yes of course I work on tax returns almost every day.
How I do it:
I take pride in the fact that I have a personal relationship with all my clients. I work hard to make them feel comfortable calling upon me whenever they have questions and concerns.
Why I do it:
I am passionate about estate and trust work because it is one area of accounting that is extremely personal. Trusts are often created for family members and loved ones. Clients want to know that their wishes and concerns are being addressed often in a time that is difficult. I feel I can provide comfort and assurance in times that can be stressful and confusing. Estate and trust work is so much more than numbers on a return. It often represents a transition to a new time and adding a personal element to the process can provide those you are working with a service far beyond basic accounting.
My life outside of vT accounting:
Great chance to say who you are beyond your work… I love to be outside with my family and friends. I work cows and ride horses with my part-time cowboy husband. I hike and wander mountains that surround our house with my family and I am aspiring gardener, planting my first garden last year.
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