Scout Reecy

Assistant to the Firm Greeter

I have big dog feelings and can’t stand being alone, trust me on this.
What I do:
I lay around my dad’s office for the most part, but will enthusiastically jump up and greet whomever comes into his office despite hearing a constant “Scout, Down!” in the background. Not sure what that means, doesn’t really matter to me.
Why I do it:
I just want everyone to love me and I really try hard to do this. I really think by getting eye level with whomever I greet they should be able to look me into my eyes and see the love that I’m radiating.
My life outside of vT accounting:
I really haven’t had a lot of free time lately since I’ve been put on office arrest. When I did get free time away from my mom and dad’s rule, I tried hard to destroy as many things as possible like beds, plants, trees, the artificial turf in my dog run, dog doors, my human siblings’ stuffed animals and toys, and about every kennel my dad has ever made for me.
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